US coronavirus death toll blows past 100, with 7,300 infected while global infections surpass 200,000 … and many Americans still remain in a state of total denial

US coronavirus death toll blows past 100, with 7,300 infected while global infections surpass 200,000 ..
Image: US coronavirus death toll blows past 100, with 7,300 infected while global infections surpass 200,000 … and many Americans still remain in a state of total denial

(Natural News) The coronavirus continues its rampage across America, with over 7,300 now confirmed infected (remember when it was just 15?) and 107 confirmed dead. With numerous cities now under conditions, substantial social distancing factors have been put in place which will significantly slow the spread of the virus over subsequent months, but the reality is that most of acted too late and we’re going to see a surge of infections and deaths for the next 3-5 weeks, no matter what happens today.

The stock market is in a dizzying, lurching spasm cycle that’s bleeding trillions of dollars in assets every day or two, and the Federal Reserve seems prepared to fire hose financial institutions with insane levels of cash in the hopes that making the rich richer will prevent the whole damn system from going down in flames.

Meanwhile, prominent conservative publishers, radio hosts and have retreated into a bizarre state of flat Earth-like denialism, now claiming the entire coronavirus pandemic is a grand, elaborate hoax that somehow 100+ nations are faking. In fact, the very same people who told you a month ago that the coronavirus was a deadly bioweapon released to achieve global depopulation are now saying the entire thing is a hoax and nobody is dying, they claim. (The doctors and nurses in Italy beg to differ, of course…)

The websites with the best reporting on all this continue to be, and News aggregation sites with excellent coverage include and There are also many strong independent writers who are doing great reporting on this, including Daisy Luther and Dave Hodges. (Apologies if I’m leaving worthy sites out of this list, just trying to keep this really brief.) InfoWars and The Gateway Pundit have gone into full-blown denialism now, and they are both actively reporting that the coronavirus infections and deaths are all faked. The Gateway Pundit’s narrative is starting to mirror communist Chinese propaganda, claiming that China is all back to work now, and everything is under control there.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Here’s the animation map of where the cases are spreading in the United States:

And here’s how the deaths are mounting up in the USA, already blowing past 100 deaths:

Over the next month, it will be thousands of deaths, then tens of thousands. What happens after that depends on how the USA decides to react. Strong social distancing will result in much lower deaths. But a lack of social isolation will lead to hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths. The Governor of California is now preparing the public for a declaration of martial law, as we had previously anticipated would occur.

Here’s how the trajectories are currently going around the world. Notice that in the USA, cases are doubling every 3 days? Do the math and that gets ugly very quickly:

Here’s what the NYT shows could happen with just a 30% infection rate and a 2% fatality rate:

Yes, that’s two million deaths in the USA. If we all agree to self-isolate, we might be able to reduce that to only a few hundred thousand, but that’s yet to be seen.

The deaths that are already “baked in” and will occur over the next five weeks or so

Even with the strong social distancing measures now put in place, there will still be a wave of hospitalizations and deaths over the next 5 weeks or so due to the lag time for deaths to occur.

If we have so far confirmed 5,000 infections in the USA, there are almost certainly another 25,000 who haven’t yet been tested, given the lack of availability of test kits. Conservatively, this means we are probably close to 30,000 infections right now.

At a 2% case fatality rate, this will translate into 600 more deaths in the next five weeks (i.e. by the end of the third week in April).

Added to the current 100 deaths, we expect to see, at minimum, 700 deaths recorded at that time, which is right in line with our original pandemic projection model.

What happens after that depends entirely on how aggressively the USA gets locked down. If we don’t stop domestic air travel, the spread of the virus will never cease, and we’ll be chasing it for the rest of the year.

If we do stop all domestic air travel, block public transportation and manage to convince the entire country to self-isolate, then the number of new infections begins to drop considerably. After 7-8 weeks of highly effective isolation, the virus replication cycle has been broken, and the number of new cases plummets to near-zero.

However, there is growing concern now that quarantines have no exit strategy, for the moment you begin to end the quarantines, reinfection rates spike again — that’s been the experience in China so far, and world leaders are now starting to panic about whether anything can return to normal in the next year or so.

The real question is: How long will wait before recognizing and enduring the necessary
to slow the spread and thereby reduce the surge of hospitalizations that will result?

It’s going to happen sooner or later. The only factor is how many dead people you want overflowing the hospitals before you do the lockdown. If you don’t do it, you end up with millions dead sooner or later.

That’s why we keep telling people to #FlattenTheCurve

Meanwhile, in FLAT EARTH land…

As doctors and nurses in Northern Italy are screaming at the world to wake up and stop the transmission of the virus, across are huddling around the most bizarre response imaginable, now widely claiming the entire thing is a hoax. Yep, a hoax. They actually think the coronavirus doesn’t exist and poses no threat to human health. This is the level of delusion we are now facing in America, where Leftists think men can become women, and conservatives think viruses don’t exist. (God help us all…)

It is fascinating, however, to observe all this and wonder how these people will keep up their self-delusion as the deaths in reach 1,000 and then 10,000 and beyond. No matter how many people die in America, these deniers can always point to something else that killed more people. “Abortions killed more!” Or, “The Vietnam War killed more!”

Eventually we’ll probably get to the point where a million people have died around the world, and some conservative pundits will scream, “But World War II killed more!”

Maybe it will all peak when we finally hear, “But the asteroid that struck the planet 65 million years ago and wiped out all the dinosaurs killed more!”

This never-ending quest to find and cite a larger death event has become pathetic to watch. When it’s your own family member dying in the lobby of a Motel 6 because all the local hospitals were overrun, it hardly matters that, “Drinking and driving kills more!”

And it remains inexplicable how the very same publishers who, a month ago, were warning the world about a bioengineered depopulation weapon designed to wipe out humanity are now saying there’s no virus, no deaths, no infections and the entire thing is a hoax. Absurd.

Personally, I am more than happy to endure a temporary to stop this virus and get on track for a swift recovery and a Trump victory in November.

Learn or die. Read to stay informed.