Only biological MEN have “vaginas” now, according to lunatic trans cult

Only biological MEN have "vaginas" now, according to lunatic trans cult
Image: Only biological MEN have “vaginas” now, according to lunatic trans cult

(Natural News) In the latest edition of its “Transgender Safer Sex” guide, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a powerful and well-funded LGBTQ activist group, has changed the definition of the type of person who has female sex organs to only include biological males who “have had bottom surgery” to install fake vaginas.

In other words, biological females no longer even have vaginas, according to the HRC. Only biological males pretending to be women have vaginas, the group now claims, and this is only true when biological males have their penises surgically removed and replaced with artificial “front holes” that supposedly resemble real vaginas.

While the definition of “vagina” in previous iterations of HRC’s Transgender Safer Sex guide at least made a nod to natural female biology, this latest guide completely eliminates women from the picture and assigns their natural-born bodily characteristics exclusively to mentally ill transgenders.

Now, the word “vagina” is used to “talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery” – and nothing else. Biological women, on the other hand, have “front holes,” not vaginas, according to the guide.

Trans mafia convinces Merriam-Webster dictionary to add new definition for “trans woman”

As for the definition of a penis – or what the HRC guide crudely calls a “dick” – this word is used to describe “external genitals.” Dicks, the guide goes on to explain, “come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.”

In other words, just like the altered definition of a vagina, this altered definition of a penis has been expanded to include anyone with external genitals, real or fake. The only difference is that, on the surface, biological men are not excluded from having “dicks” in the same way that biological women are excluded from having “vaginas.”

The trans mafia has also been successful in convincing the Merriam-Webster dictionary to include a new definition for “trans woman” that describes such a person as “a woman who was identified as male at birth.” This is meant to officialize the existence of a so-called “trans woman” so that “she” can participate in female sports.

Keep in mind that the HRC hosted a town hall event alongside CNN last year, and is now endorsing Democrat for president. In others words, a vote for is a vote for more of this type of insanity, which seems to be a never-ending phenomenon that continues to upend society.

“Far too many LGBTQ people, and particularly those who are most vulnerable, face discrimination, intimidation, and violence simply because of who they are and who they love,” claims HRC President Alphonso David. “But rather than have our backs, Donald and Mike Pence have spent the last three and a half years rolling back and rescinding protections for LGBTQ people.”

David went on to add in a statement that he and his group are fully supportive of Biden, and believe that he “will be a president who stands up for all of us.”

“HRC and our more than three million members and supporters will work day and night to ensure he is the next President of the United States,” David declared, sending shivers down the spines of all decent Americans everywhere who are and tired of the cultural damage being inflicted upon us all by the trans mafia.

It remains unclear how the administration, should it persist past 2020, plans to handle this never-ending onslaught of LGBTQ propaganda and aggression against normal society. We can only hope that at least some restraint will hold back the floodgates of total cultural destruction at the hands of the trans mafia’s mentally ill tyrants.

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