IT BEGINS: NY Gov. activates National Guard to create “containment zone” while Colorado Gov. declares State of Emergency, USA approaches 1,000 confirmed infections

IT BEGINS: NY Gov. activates National Guard to create "containment zone" while Colorado Gov
Image: IT BEGINS: NY Gov. activates National Guard to create “containment zone” while Colorado Gov. declares State of Emergency, USA approaches 1,000 confirmed infections

(Natural News) Just as we predicted weeks ago through a series of articles, videos and podcasts that were largely mocked and ridiculed by many Trump supporters who still think the coronavirus is a left-wing media hoax, medical martial law is quickly dropping into place across .

In addition to Washington State Gov. Inslee announcing today that the State of Washington would likely be placed under a quarantine lockdown, the Governor of New York has activated the National Guard there to enforce (at gunpoint) a “containment zone” around the small city of New Rochelle.

On the same day, the Governor of Colorado just declare a state of emergency.

Amazingly, many Trump supporters still literally think this is all a staged theatrical production by the left-wing media and left-wing governors. This is what happens when the left-wing media lies to the entire country for years: Nobody believes them anymore, even when their reporting just happens to occasionally collide with a real event. But then how do they explain to themselves why Iran and China are also part of the same supposed “hoax?”

now has 959 confirmed infections

Confirmed infections across skyrocketed to 959 today, about a 1000% increase from a week ago. is now beginning to enter the “Italy scenario” exponential explosion curve that will not be stopped until a nationwide is announced and enforced (as I’ve exhaustively shown in mathematical pandemic projection models).

Here’s the shape of the exponential curve now being reported for America (via

For things to get resolved in America, that parabolic-looking curve shown above is going to have to turn flat. Sadly, saying the coronavirus is “just the flu” doesn’t make the line go flat.

And that means New York won’t be the only state that rolls out the National Guard for “containment” operations:


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that they are calling in the National Guard to have a quarantine containment of the town of New Rochelle because of a cluster of cases in the town.

So he says they are going to create a 1-mile containment area and have a satellite testing area in the containment area. They are closing schools and businesses for two weeks.

Cuomo said they would be using the National Guard to clean the town and help out with things like delivering food.

And if you believe the National Guard is only there to “clean the town,” you’re as delusional as Rush Limbaugh. You don’t deploy the National Guard to clean trash from the sidewalks. You do it mostly to bring men with to enforce things that the local citizens might not agree to do unless they had pointed at them (such as “go home and stay indoors, you loser”).

Granted, National Guard troops often do help with things like food deliveries, medical triage and public infrastructure, but they do it while carrying rifles for all the obvious reasons. This isn’t some Meals on Wheels volunteer outfit. It’s the Guard.

When the Guard is called out to enforce a containment zone in New York, you know this isn’t “just the flu.”

Colorado now under a State of Emergency

Moving over to Colorado, we have an update via The Epoch Times:

The governor of Colorado declared a state of emergency and seeks to increase testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus after more than a dozen cases have been confirmed in his state.

“The top priority is to expand testing capacity in Colorado so eventually we can reach the point where anyone who is exhibiting -like symptoms can be tested,” Polis remarked, reported CBS Denver. “We will continue the pressure on our federal government to rapidly expand testing capacity and ensure that Colorado has enough tests that we can identify positive cases, isolate them and quarantine those who may have been exposed,” the governor added.

As we were writing this update, the Governor of the State of Massachusetts also declared a state of emergency, so we now have emergencies spreading across the country as quickly as the virus itself.

Washington State about to go under a quarantine

This is all in addition to Washington State’s Gov. Inslee announcing today that he intends to issue some sort of there to prevent the number of cases in his state from exploding to 64,000 by May.


“What the experts are telling us is … the number of people who are infected will double in anywhere from 5 to 8 days … unless we take some real action,” the governor said at a morning news conference.

“And if you do the math, it gets very disturbing. … If it’s 1,000 (infections) today, in seven to eight weeks there could be 64,000 people infected in the state of Washington if we don’t somehow slow down this epidemic. And in the next week it could be 120,000, and in the next week a quarter of a million.”

Yep, it’s definitely NOT “just the flu.”

And now you see why everything I stated in this narrated short video is suddenly coming true:

The important thing to realize is that medical martial law is coming to your city even if you don’t believe the coronavirus is real. Martial law gets very real very fast, and a person’s mathematical illiteracy doesn’t save them from the reality of a viral infection.

If you live in Washington, California or New York and you aren’t yet ready to hunker down with a 30-day survival supply, you may have already missed the boat. Lack of preparedness has consequences, and millions of Americans are about to experience those consequences firsthand.

Lock and load, folks. Stewart Rhodes says it’s going to get ugly:

If you want to live, read If you want to die, listen to Mike “Propaganda” Pence.