INSANE: Racist Australian MP Mark McGowan hires indigenous elder to translate his message from English into Ebonics-like “Aboriginal-English”

INSANE: Racist Australian MP Mark McGowan hires indigenous elder to translate his message from English into Ebonics-like "Aboriginal-English"
Image: INSANE: Racist Australian MP Mark McGowan hires indigenous elder to translate his message from English into Ebonics-like “Aboriginal-English”

(Natural News) Western Australian member of parliament (MP) Mark McGowan put on a stunt the other day in which he had an Aborigine elder translate his Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” presentation into Aboriginal-English, which you might say is the Australian equivalent at Ebonics.

It almost views like a comedy, but watch below as McGowan speaks short sentences very slowly as if talking to a small child, followed by the Aborigine elder “translating” the English message into a rougher more street slang version:

The video is also available at Brighteon:

“This display of racism from this progressive is worse than a segment from a 1970s comedy because MP McGowan actually believes he is doing the right thing,” reported The Gateway Pundit (TGP).

“At least in the US in the 1970s we all knew this was outrageous comedy. McGowan doesn’t see it. He looks like he thinks black people can’t understand what he is saying. Maybe they do understand but don’t want to take the COVID vaccine?”

How much are these politicians getting paid (bribed?) to push covid jabs on the unwilling?

The home of Perth, Western Australia has been in the throes of fascism for quite some time, thanks to McGowan’s corrupt influence.


Back in the fall, McGowan announced that his territory’s jab mandate was expanding to include about 75 percent of the state’s workforce, or around one million people.

At the time, it was the most drastic imposition yet to hit Australia. And apparently it is not going so well since McGowan is now creating racist videos in an attempt to fool more people into rolling up their sleeves.

“Employers will be required to keep a record of the evidence, and authorized officers will run spot checks to ensure compliance is occurring,” McGowan stated at the time.

The deadline in Western Australia to receive the first two injections is Jan. 31. Some places have already begun checking people’s jab status as of Dec. 31.

“If relevant, employers that have unvaccinated staff working after the deadline run the risk of being fined up to $100,000,” McGowan added.

It has been reported that some Aboriginal people in Australia have already been hauled off to “Camp Covid” for “cleansing” because they remain unvaccinated. This latest stunt could be McGowan’s last-ditch effort to convince more of them to willingly get injected, or else worse consequences are on the way for them.

“This jerk is probably ON THE TAKE,” wrote one commenter at TGP.

“It was just discovered and reported on at Rudy G.’s Telegram account that the PM of NZ, Jacinda ‘What the cat dragged in’ was suddenly in receipt of $25 MILLION!! She reportedly earns $470,000 per year and originally had $800,000 in her bank account. Now it’s $25 MILLION!! FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

“The vaccines prevent you from becoming seriously ill. Translation: Betta you get the jabbie jabbie or you gwonna be big one,” joked another about the ridiculousness of McGowan’s new jab-pushing video.

Another wrote that he has never seen something so dumb and insulting as McGowan’s video, which assumes that Aborigines can only understand their own English dialect and no other forms of English.

“Poor woman being treated like that, she seemed frightened of him which is what always happens in lawless countries like Australia,” wrote another about how the Aborigine elder appeared in the video.

“When the law is overridden or ignored to suit those in charge as we are seeing in all Western countries then fear followed by revolution are not far behind.”

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