Health Ranger declares independence from medical tyranny: We all have the right of self-defense against forced vaccines

Health Ranger declares independence from medical tyranny: We all have the right of self-defense against forced vaccines
Image: Health Ranger declares independence from medical tyranny: We all have the right of self-defense against forced vaccines

(Natural News) A forced is a violent, felony assault with a deadly weapon, and all human beings have the right of self-defense against violent assaults. A few days ago, I posted a video (see below) declaring I will invoke my right of self-defense against any attempt at forced vaccination against my body. This means any government agent, or agency, or personnel who attempt to violate my body against my consent will be met with the deployment of force in an act of self-defense.

This is not about initiating violence, but halting violence. An assault with a deadly needle is a form of violence, and it must be stopped through all legal means, which includes the legal right to self-defense.

No government has any right to invade your body and force you to be injected with a potentially injurious or even deadly substance, and given that today’s are skipping most of the normal protocols of safety and testing, the coming forced vaccinations with the coronavirus are mandatory medical experiments being conducted in violation of the Geneva Convention which forbids such actions on a global scale.

Rule 92. Mutilation and Medical, Scientific or Biological Experiments:

“Biological experiments” are prohibited by the First and Second Geneva Conventions, while the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions prohibit “medical or scientific experiments” not justified by the medical treatment of the person concerned. Conducting “biological experiments” on persons protected under the Geneva Conventions is a grave breach and a war crime under the Statutes of the International Criminal Court and of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Additional Protocol I prohibits “medical or scientific experiments”. In the Brandt (The Medical Trial) case in 1947, the US Tribunal at Nuremberg convicted 16 persons of carrying out medical experiments on prisoners of war and civilians.

Today’s corporations are offshoots of the Nazi chemical conglomerate IG Farben

Have we not learned enough from the Holocaust and the forced injection of Jewish subjects with experimental substances under the Nazi regime? In World War II, six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis, led by IG Farben, Germany’s pharmaceutical giant which was broken up after the war, becoming three different corporations. One of those corporations is known as Bayer, which makes deadly pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals to destroy life on planet Earth. The Nazi regime never really ended; it just morphed into new names and new agenda.

Now, the coronavirus is a global depopulation weapon being deployed against humanity. The goal is depopulation, as has been promoted and endorsed by people like Bill Gates, who also funds coronavirus development.

It’s bizarre that “Antifa” activists — who consider themselves to be “anti-fascists” — say nothing about the real medical fascism now threatening them all: Mandatory vaccines, carried out with echoes of Nazi Germany and its crimes against humanity. (Read for more reports of the violence of modern medicine.)

If Black lives really matter, then mandates must be eliminated

If you allow yourself to be injected with the coronavirus vaccine, you may be killed by it. Or you might be made infertile, put into a coma or hospitalized with severe reactions. Your brain and gut may suffer permanent, long-term damage. And to top it off, Melinda Gates now says that after medical personnel are vaccinated, black people should be the highest priority for mass vaccinations.

That’s because Blacks are the primary target of global depopulation. You would think that if Black lives really mattered, then Blacks wouldn’t be prioritized as the human guinea pigs for vaccine experiments, right?

This is why we all must defend ourselves against the violent assaults and crimes against humanity of the corrupt, criminal vaccine industry (and all its fanatical zealots who are pushing unsafe vaccines on everyone).

Today, I assert my right to defend my body against medical violence. A needle that’s loaded with a toxic substance is a deadly weapon, and the jabbing of that needle into someone’s arm without their consent is a felony assault. Such violence must be halted using every legal means available, which includes concealed carry.

My pledge to defend myself against vaccine violence must also be understood alongside my own personal pledge to maintain a state of optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle practices that minimize vulnerability to infectious disease in the first place. I take vitamin D daily. I take vitamin C, zinc, elderberry extracts, quercetin and a long list of other supplements and superfoods. As a result, I am a responsible citizen with a near-zero chance of every becoming infectious to others. Compare that to the careless masses who do nothing to defend their own bodies against infectious disease and therefore become the very people who spread the flu, the coronavirus and everything else that’s circulating in the wild.

Infectious disease loves nothing more than a society of sheeple who have been taught by the deceptive media to believe that nutrition plays no role in human health. Nearly everyone dying from covid-19 today is someone who had a shot. Nearly every person who becomes infectious with covid-19 is someone who is vitamin D and zinc deficient. The real causes of covid-19 transmission are previous shots and chronic nutritional deficiencies.

Carry concealed and defend yourself against vaccine violence

That’s why the answer to mandatory vaccines is concealed carry and the Second Amendment. When they come at you with a deadly vaccine, you have every right under God, under the Constitution and under the laws of every U.S. state to defend yourself against that assault.

For the record, we don’t condone initiating violence of any kind. We are anti-violence, which is why we urge all Americans to stop medical violence by halting those who are carrying it out — the vaccine assault teams that are trying to vaccinate you against your consent.

We are also not opposed to individuals who choose to be vaccinated and therefore consent to be euthanized with deadly vaccines. If they wish to remove themselves from the human gene pool, that’s their choice. Suicide is always an option in a free society. And frankly, anyone stupid enough to think vaccines are good for them is probably too stupid to represent the future of the human race anyway. Call it “compliance Darwinism.”

I am not alone in asserting my right to self-defense against mandatory vaccines, by the way. ZGoldenReport agrees and has also posted his own video asserting his right to self-defense against vaccine mandates:

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