Gov. Abbott declares no government-mandated “vaccine passports” in Texas

Image: Gov. Abbott declares no government-mandated “vaccine passports” in Texas

(Natural News) In yet another copycat move that follows the lead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order barring mandatory “ passports” in the state of Texas.

Abbott, in an attempt to earn some political points following his state’s catastrophic energy crisis debacle, says that requiring people to show of injection for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is not okay in the Lone Star State – though his EO does not actually prevent Texas businesses from requiring them.

“Texans shouldn’t be required to show of vaccination & reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives,” Abbott tweeted.

“I issued an Executive Order that prohibits government-mandated passports in Texas … Don’t tread on our personal freedoms.”

Notice the keyword “government-mandated.” This modifier does not address private sector-mandated passports, which are likely to become a thing once a majority of the American population has been jabbed for the Chinese virus.

Still, many are praising Abbott’s political move as “brave” because it makes them feel as though right-wing politicians are actually doing something for once as opposed to just talking and doing pretty much nothing.

“Every day, Texans return to normalcy as more people get the Covid vaccine,” Abbott further stated in a prepared propaganda speech.

“In fact, this week, Texas will surpass 13 million doses administered. Those shots help slow the spread of Covid, reduce hospitalizations, and reduce fatalities.”

Establishment Republicans are just pretending to care about your freedoms and liberties

It is important to point out that just like with his move ending the statewide face mask mandate for Texas, this latest EO is more posturing than anything else.

With masks, many large cities and municipalities throughout Texas are still requiring masks even if Texas’ government at the state level is not requiring them. Many stores and restaurants operating throughout Texas also still require masks in order to enter and shop.

Abbott seems to have no problem with the private sector and local communities in Texas continuing to tread on residents’ personal freedoms – this scenario is also playing out in Florida, by the way.

Once again, faces the scourge of empty lip service from its Republican leaders. Sure, the Democrats are arguably worse, but at least they are honest about their evil intentions.

Establishment Republicans like Abbott love to pretend as though they are on the side of freedom and many believe him. Until Abbott flat-out bans masks and passports across the board, his latest EO will remain a symbol of empty RINO (Republican in Name Only) politicism.

In case you missed it, Abbott had nothing but praise and laud to give for Chinese virus injections, which he claims are “saving lives” and other such nonsense. The fact that he holds to this errant belief just goes to show that he does not truly intend to block the use of passports in Texas, practically speaking.

“It’s a useless ‘have it both ways’ political move by Abbott, the fraud,” pointed out one commenter at The Right Scoop, illustrating this point.

“Where is his ‘ban’ on airlines requiring it? If he really wanted to stir things up, he would ban airlines requiring it to fly in or out of Texas, right along with the mask. His testes are about the size of bb’s when it comes right down to it. Don’t fall for his political ploy.”

Others seem to agree, noting that many Republican actions such as this have no teeth and are done simply to please conservative voters, who are apparently content with simply hearing nice-sounding things from politicians rather than seeing formidable policy that actually does something get enacted.

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