Estimated 300 – 500 coronavirus cases already spreading across Oregon, warns state health officer

Estimated 300 - 500 coronavirus cases already spreading across Oregon, warns state health officer
Image: Estimated 300 – 500 coronavirus cases already spreading across Oregon, warns state health officer

(Natural News) One of the more fascinating things to note in the reporting of the coronavirus is that the more local you get, the more truth you hear. At the federal level with the CDC and HHS, all we’re hearing are coordinated lies. But when it comes to states and counties, there are striking examples of raw, uncensored truth to be found.

One such example now emerges from Oregon, where state health officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger just estimated there may be 300 to 500 coronavirus cases already present across Oregon, as the virus “is fairly widespread in our community,” he says.

This stunningly honest revelation — which only seems odd because we’re all used to being constantly lied to by incompetent government — is documented at with the article title, “Hundreds of Oregonians likely infected with coronavirus, state health officer says.”

From the story:

The advance of coronavirus to a remote town more than 200 miles from Portland means the virus “is fairly widespread in our community,” but not broad enough to start aggressive containment, Oregon’s top medical officer said Monday.

Oregon may now have 300 to 500 Oregonians who are or were unknowingly carrying the coronavirus, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, the state health officer and epidemiologist, acknowledged as officials announced the state’s third presumed coronavirus case. It’s not clear how the Umatilla County resident, a casino worker, contracted the disease.

So far, Oregon has only tested 28 people

According to OregonLive, Oregon officials won’t require more broad isolation or quarantine efforts unless a much greater number of people get infected or die.

“I’m not pessimistic and giving up that it’s going to spread like wildfire,” said Sidelinger. We’re not sure what to make of that quote. Does he mean it’s not going to spread like wildfire? Or is he saying he admits it will spread like wildfire?

The OregonLive article also goes on to note what we’ve been warning about for weeks: Namely, that states like Oregon are testing virtually no one for the virus. “To date, Oregon has tested only 28 people, with three positive, 17 negative and eight results pending,” says the article.

The State of Oregon is currently monitoring 101 people for possible coronavirus infections. Those people are allowed to stay home with their family members, who they might of course cross-infect. As OregonLive points out:

State authorities don’t ask family members of a person under monitoring to stay home. That’s because “we don’t want to unnecessarily burden them by having the entire household stay home,” Sidelinger said.

In other words, a person being “monitored” can easily spread the coronavirus to a family member who takes it to their job or a social event. Only when a person begins to show symptoms are they upgraded to the state’s “investigation” category. The fact that the coronavirus spreads during its asymptomatic incubation period means, of course, that Oregon will fail to catch many cases until after infected persons have already spread it to others.

And that’s why the R0 value of the coronavirus is so high, of course. It’s also why Oregon — along with Washington and California — is unlikely to contain this outbreak at all unless more aggressive social isolation measures are put into place.

If there are 500 infected people in Oregon today, there will be 1,000 people one week later. Then 2,000 the following week, 4,000 the next week and so on. Sooner or later, strict social isolation measures will have to be implemented.

The virus will spread across the West Coast until a kind of “medical martial law” is implemented

Here’s the big realization in all this: State health officials can either avoid more aggressive containment policies and watch the virus spread, or they can get more aggressive (and possibly “draconian”) with their isolation and quarantine orders, resulting in a halting of the spread.

In essence, the choice is between having more people die with their freedoms intact, or reducing overall deaths by running authoritarian medical martial law protocols.

There’s also a third option that nobody seems willing to consider: Tell everyone to take vitamin D and start eating anti-viral herbs and foods. But since that advice doesn’t enrich the drug companies, no one in any position of authority dare state the obvious solution to all this.

Or you could wait for the and hope it doesn’t kill you. But you might be dead before the vaccine even arrives, as Dr. Fauci of the NIH says it’s 18 months out.

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