ENOUGH! It’s time for law enforcement to begin SHOOTING violent terrorists and rioters who are trying to burn America to the ground

ENOUGH! It's time for law enforcement to begin SHOOTING violent terrorists and rioters who are trying to burn America to the ground
Image: ENOUGH! It’s time for law enforcement to begin SHOOTING violent terrorists and rioters who are trying to burn America to the ground

(Natural News) This won’t be a long article because the point should be obvious by now. is in a hot civil war, but only one side is fighting… and it’s the anti- Leftists who seek to burn this nation down while killing as many police officers and patriots as possible.

These radical left-wing terrorists, some of whom carry “Black Lives Matter” signs, are assaulting law enforcement with deadly weapons, deliberately attacking them with eye-burning lasers, confronting law enforcement with rifles, hurling objects at police that cause serious injury (and risk death) and burning down buildings with families inside — a combination of arson and premeditated murder.

Here’s a small taste of what’s happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin tonight, as left-wing rioters and terrorists attempt to dish out yet more violence and death across America… because they hate America:

The American people have now come to realize that these left-wing rioters are not “peaceful protesters” as the lying media keeps absurdly claiming. They are not engaged in “First Amendment” activity — not that the Left believes in the First Amendment anyway, as Big Tech has banned nearly every pro-Trump, pro- voice that once had influence. (YouTube has just banned HighImpactFlix by deleting ALL their videos at once… destroying 8 years of work in a flash…)

These left-wing lunatics are terrorists, and they mean to invoke terror, destruction and death in ’s cities. They do not seek compromise, or coexistence, or conversations of any kind. They no longer even recognize logic or reason.

There’s only one thing these terrorists recognize: FORCE.

Tonight, some elements of law enforcement in Wisconsin began to fight back against the violent terrorists:

Firing tear gas is a good start, but it’s now abundantly clear that the only way these lunatic, -hating left-wing terrorists are going to be stopped is for law enforcement to be given the green light to engage them with live fire.

You can’t negotiate with terrorists, and trying to “reason” with deranged lunatics is a waste of time and resources

You can’t negotiate with terrorists. You can only eliminate them and clean them out of your cities and communities.

has been under assault by these violent left-wing terrorists for nearly 90 days. We have shown patience and restraint. Now, the time has come to put these terrorists down on the streets where they belong.

The time has come for law enforcement to defend this nation against domestic terrorism. If there were ever justification to use lethal force in defense of communities and innocent lives, we’ve been witnessing it over the last 90 days.

Declare violent rioters to be terrorists and shoot them. Arrest and prosecute the survivors. Reclaim ’s streets for law and order and send a powerful message to the other would-be terrorists that their acts of lawlessness, arson and runaway violence will not be tolerated.

Because every law-abiding American deserves to live in peace. But the radical Left won’t let that happen. Black activists are now even accosting white restaurant customers in public places, demanding they raise their fists in obedience to “black power” or suffer public humiliation and threats from screaming black lunatic scumbags:

Even local businesses that try to escape the arson and property destruction of BLM by posting “Black Lives Matter” signs end up in flames, as this photo from Kenosha shockingly shows:

Truth be told, no one is safe from Black Lives Matter terrorists… not even those who claim to support them.

BLM stands for Burn, Loot and Murder

It’s time for law enforcement to engage these lunatic scumbags with force because that’s where this is going to end up anyway. The radical Left isn’t going to back down. They are incompatible with civil society, and they no longer even recognize any rule of law or legal authority whatsoever. They are violent racist bigots engaged in unrelenting attacks on innocent people all across .

And the minute you back down, they will resume burning, murdering and looting (BLM) to kill as many innocents as they can.

There is now only one remaining answer to this lawless violence, and it is responding in defense of the rule of law and the citizens of our communities who must be granted equal protection under the law. To avoid engaging and taking out these terrorists is nothing less than dereliction of duty.

If your local government cannot keep you safe at the most basic level, what good is it? If police will not arrest the most violent criminals who are openly burning down ’s cities, what’s the point of having police at all?

Give the order, Trump. Green light the use of live weapons to take down the terrorists. Clean out the lawless criminal scum that infest ’s streets and reclaim this nation under the rule of reasonable law and order. Those who choose to assault law enforcement because they hate America must come to learn that doing so will evoke a kinetic response. This is the only lesson that Leftists will ever learn, since their minds have been so twisted and indoctrinated by a failed public school system that they no longer function as rational, reasonable human beings.

You cannot save these people. You can’t re-educate them. And you can’t appeal to their humanity, because they have none. They have descended into mindless, emotional animals. You can only end their sad, pathetic existence on this planet and send them back to Hell. Do not let these demonic creatures destroy our communities and cities for one more day. Ventilate them and let Satan decide what to do with them from here forward.

America must act now to defend the rule of law, and that means acting against those who have proven they will never honor any civility whatsoever.