Dr. Mercola serves legal notice to New York Times, demands disinfo rag stop publishing blatant lies to smear him

Image: Dr. Mercola serves legal notice to New York Times, demands disinfo rag stop publishing blatant lies to smear him

(Natural News) As you may have seen, Dr. Joseph Mercola is all over the news these days for allegedly spreading “disinformation” about how people can keep themselves healthy with things like vitamin D and zinc. Well, now he is fighting back.

In a legal notice to The New York Times, Dr. Mercola warned the fake news giant to stop publishing lies about him or else he is planning to sue the propaganda outlet for defamation.

One of the lies the Times is spreading about Dr. Mercola falsely accuses him of lying about a peer-reviewed study on the benefits of vitamin D in treating the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“You indicated that you could not validate that Dr. Mercola published a peer reviewed study on Vitamin D in the severity of COVID-19,” wrote Robert J. Borrello, Esq. in the letter to the Times.

“Dr. Mercola provided the direct link in response to you (attached), and any journalist or fact checker would simply find the study by searching ‘Mercola’ in PubMed.”

Another lie that the Times is spreading about Dr. Mercola alleges that he was fined “millions” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This is completely fabricated,” Borrello points out. “Dr. Mercola has never been fined by the FDA.”

Addressed to Sheera Frenkel, the Times‘ “technology reporter,” the letter calls on the Times to immediately issue a retraction for the false article, as well as preserve all communications and documents that related to Dr. Mercola.

Keep up the fight, Dr. Mercola!

As we reported back in May, Dr. Mercola had to adopt various defensive tactics against all of the attacks he has been facing as of late, prompting him to pull a bunch of articles from his website for protection.

Many of these articles contained valuable information that people were using to boost their immune systems naturally, which is exactly what the medical fascists wanted him to do in order to keep as many people in the dark as possible.

You see, there is no room for competing information when Big Pharma profits are on the line. And just about everything Dr. Mercola says and does threatens that cash cow, which is why he is being threatened into silence.

When this information was pulled, it was a disappointment to many who hoped that Dr. Mercola would keep up the fight. And now it appears that he is with this new legal threat against the Times.

Even though his own life has been threatened by cronies associated with billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, Dr. Mercola is fighting hard to defend his reputation from being tarnished by fake news criminals who are lying about him and trying to prevent the public from hearing what he has to say.

Dr. Mercola’s work has saved countless lives, equipping ordinary people with the tools they need to grab hold of their health and avoid falling prey to the death spiral of pharmaceutical drugs.

If the Times cared about its readers, it would be promoting Dr. Mercola’s work, not defaming it.

“This is reprehensible to deny legitimate and good information to the public on every way possible to stay healthy,” one of our own commenters wrote about the mainstream media’s assault on Dr. Mercola.

“So very wrong and I have followed Dr. Mercola for years. His information is always well researched. He is also not saying anything that actual mainstream doctors have not been saying right along. Also, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc are advised from almost every medical professional I’ve talked to personally about covid and prevention.”

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