Dave Hodges encapsulates the anti-lockdown consensus: End the lockdowns “by any means necessary” … “civil disobedience” rising

Dave Hodges encapsulates the anti-lockdown consensus: End the lockdowns "by any means necessary" ..
Image: Dave Hodges encapsulates the anti-lockdown consensus: End the lockdowns “by any means necessary” … “civil disobedience” rising

(Natural News) As you are probably aware, there is an ongoing debate across America about the severity of the coronavirus and the need for lockdowns vs. ending the lockdowns. While we don’t put much credibility in the views of those deny the existence of the virus or who think all the deaths are somehow being faked, Dave Hodges understands the threat of the (very real) virus while also encapsulating the growing calls for ending the lockdowns and reopening society.

Although it is abundantly clear the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and poses a very high risk of a secondary wave of infections if precautions are not followed, many people believe the virus poses very little risk, saying the lockdowns aren’t necessary now and, in some cases, were never necessary.

Here’s the take from Dave Hodges, who calls for ending the lockdowns by any means necessary, even as Hodges recognizes the virus is very real and quite dangerous. We present this in the interests of helping our readers understand the full array of thoughts and emotions surrounding this debate. I may not agree with every individual statement that Dave Hodges offers here, but his voice is very important to this debate, and he makes some important points. Hodges is also very thoughtful and most assuredly not in the “denialism” camp whose members have more in common with Flat Earthers than anything resembling real science.

For the record, keep in mind that we have publicly released a five-point plan to reopen the economy right now, using commonsense precautions such as mask mandates, nutrition and enhanced testing to identify asymptomatic carriers. We agree that lockdowns are no longer necessary, but they must be ended with precaution and wisdom, or we risk a resurgence of new infections and a second wave of devastating lockdowns, given that we now have double confirmation that the coronavirus is 100 times more deadly than the flu.

Here’s the Dave Hodges take on why the lockdowns must be ended now, or the continued shutdowns will extract an unacceptable price in terms of lost freedoms and mental health.


By Dave Hodges, via TheCommonsenseShow.com

Reprinted with permission

I have not had a parking ticket since my early 20’s. I have never been arrested. However, I am saying it is time to violate these unconstitutional edicts which violates nearly everyone of our civil liberties with regard to sacrificing our liberties for a small measure of security.

Our rights are granted by God, not by political hacks with an agenda. This article is a position statement in which I am calling for all Americans to exercise their Constitutional rights and disobey all unjust and illegal mandates from state and local governments. However, my call for civil disobedience is conditional. If the federal government were to shut everything down, except for the and First Responders, I would temporarily support that action. However, why should a crowded, disease transmitting Walmart be allowed to be open when other small businesses are shut down? Why are the Press reporters allowed to attend briefings and CHRISTIAN (ONLY) CHURCHES ARE CLOSED? If CV-19 is truly the threat the public is being told, then there should not be any exceptions, except for the and First Responders. However, nobody else, no exceptions, especially Walmart, Target, Costco and Sams Club must remain closed!

The hedging of my civil disobedience position is merely a token gesture because and the rest of the administration have already shown their bias, in this crisis, in favor of the .1% of the population. Major corporations are getting their federally mandated bailouts, but most small businesses are still waiting and waiting… Even Congress is profiteering on this crisis with their self-appointed pay raise. How can America take Congress seriously until they return their payraise as many of their constitutent have lost so much from this crisis? Shame on Congress,  millions of lives have been destroyed!

The Common Sense Show is taking the Coronavirus very seriously. It can kill and it is contagious. However, the overwhelming majority of the deaths, in which COVID-19 plays a partial role, include victims which are already compromised and are dying from other causes. More times than not, COVID-19 is simply joining the party and is usually a partial contributor to the demise of an infected person. Most victims would die anyway, with or without the presence of the virus. Here is an example of how the statistics are being twisted and exaggerated so the numbers can appear to justifiy the shutdown. Last Friday, in Arizona, it was announced that 267 people had died from COVID-19. The news media and state health authorities keep propagandizing their reports. Almost 220 of the 267 victims were over 65.  If Arizona health officials were honest, they would break down the individual health status of each fatality. At best, COVID-19 is the proverbial straw that breaks the so-called camel’s back.

Many of my colleagues and myself have had conversations with doctors and nurses that have witnessed causes of death changed from deadly cause (eg heart disease, kidney failure from a diabetes) to COVID-19. In fact, one of the popular phrases that gets repeated to me is that if the death is not due to a gun shot or a car accident, the person died from CV-19. In fact, as the CSS previously documented, the CDC guidelines allow “presumptive diagnoses” without a confirming test. This means the doctor is guessing and they will more than likely error on the side of CDC political pressure and presumptively assume all undefined deaths are the result of CV-19. And on top of that test are being administered without being validated for accuracy. What an insane system!

Please note that it is the position of The Common Sense Show that some precautions should be observed, but certainly the widespread on America must instantly end. More on the position later in this article.

A Big Pharma Coup

It is clear, that unlike ’s team of so-called, and very conflicted experts on his COVID-19 team, that these two doctors, interviewed in the above video, do not have the financial alliances that all members of Trump team possess with regard to conflicts of interest with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or their financial entanglements with Eli Lilly. By the way, it is illegal for Fauci to have even the appearance of a conflict of interest with Bill Gates, yet Fauci’s history is replete with these associations which have appeared on hundreds of news website, except for the sites run by the MSM. Big Pharma has committed a coup against the President and the Constitutional rights of the American people.

The NWO Is Out In the Open for All That Eyes to See

The COVID-19 restrictions are designed to condition America to accept a police state and the forfeiture of their rights. In crowded Walmart stores, they are enacting one-way aisles in order to condition the public to accept being controlled at the micro-level.  In the long -term, and due to a collapsing economy, our military will soon be unable to fight a sustained war because of the lack of viable industries that will be unable to convert to wartime production. The economies on the planet have been gutted. Out of chaos comes order and this is the time to bring in digital currency for a one-world currency. China is testing the concept with American corporations operating in China. Broke government is a failed government. I believe that at some future date, and after WW III, a debt jubilee will be offered to the G20 in order to gain centralized control over the world’s democracies. I know this is a conspiracy, but when the conspiracy is taking shape, we have to ask the question as to when do we finally recognize a progressing plot?

Insanity Rules the Day for Over 300 Million Americans

Here is merely a partial list of federal government favortism or just plain NAZI style control over the country:

1. Blocks away from the Salon a la Mode, owned by Shelley Luther, Walmart, Target and HEB stores are open for business and social distancing is not being practiced. Ms. Luther decided to open her store in order to save her business and exercise her 14th Amendment to equal protection under the law, and she was cited. She is reopening again today.

Business address:
7989 Belt Line Rd #139-1C
Dallas, Texas 75248

(972) 991-4446

If you are in the Dallas area, please get into your car and drive to her place of business. We need to overwhelm law enforcement’s ability to continue to violate our rights.

2. I received an email from a young man who was hit with a $1000 fine by the Chicago police for shooting baskets by himself in the park less than 500 feet from his apartment.

3. A Brighton, Colorado man was handcuffed in front of his six year old daughter for playing T-ball in an empty park.

4. Remember the paddle boarder who was chased by two LA County ships and a whole host of deputies who were all violating social distance guidelines.

5. People are cited in Michigan for mowing their front yards.

6. Church-goers parked in their cars are fined for worship in North Carolina, while a fast food restaurant, a quarter of a mile away were serving large crowds.

7. reporters sit 4 seats apart at press conferences but Christian Churches are prohibited from doing the same.

8. The NBA is reopening their training facilities, but none of the rest of us can go to the gym in another case of of rules for thee but not for me.

9. Gavin Newsom has banned protests on public property. And if people gather on private property, they can be arrested. The Constitution is dead in California.

10. Every single day that you are locked down, your immune system is becoming weaker because the evolution that is part of your immune system is dormant and as such, makes you more vulnerable to many pathogens.

A Defiant Spirit of Opposition Must Emerge From Millions of Americans

All across the the nation, Americans defied meaningless restrictions and went to the beach. “Meaningless. you say? Yes, absolutely tyrannical and meaningless.

Please allow me to ask you a question America, are you in more danger of transmitting COVID-19 in a crowded Walmart, or any other box store, or on the beach? Yesterday, Americans in New York, California and Florida have taken back the beaches, at least for one day.


I agree with Mike Adams five-point plan. It is OK to go out in public with a mask and other reasonable precautions. But let me remind America, that for every increase in unemployment, the previous research shows that we see an additional 10,000 deaths. We had 110 million fulltime employees in the country. Last week, we say nearly 27 million jobless claims. That means that our unemployment rate is actually 25%! This is 3% higher that at any time in the Great Depression. It took 3 years for the Americans in the 1930’s to reach that level. It took America less than 60 days to destroy itself. With a 21% increase in unemployment, what kind of death spike will see from the lockdown. That is 210,000 deaths. How do you like the now?

It is time to rebuild by reopening. And yes, people in church can sit 4 seats away from each other and more services of worship can be offered. Restaurants need to reopen and they can follow the same guidelines. Regardless, it is time to overwhelm the government their attempt to destroy civil liberties with actions that have nothing to do with virus transmission.

Via TheCommonsenseShow.com