Biden starving out public school children with engineered covid shortages, supply chain failures

Biden starving out public school children with engineered covid shortages, supply chain failures
Image: Biden starving out public school children with engineered covid shortages, supply chain failures

(Natural News) Public schools all across are struggling to keep enough food in stock at the cafeteria for their students, and the root of the problem is fake “president” Joe Biden.

The reality of the situation is that the plandemic is over, but the regime refuses to stop tyrannizing the public with manufactured shortages and supply chain problems that, to be fair, are also a product of prior administrations the way they globalized the economy for such a time as this.

Mainstream media reports suggest that everything from turkey to chicken to orange juice to the meal trays on which food is served are now in short supply at American public schools. Many districts are unable to find the necessities they need to keep feeing students, and yet many a leftist is still in denial about why this is all taking place.

Much of the blame is still being lobbed at the “unvaccinated,” who are supposedly the ones blocking all the ports and holding shipments hostage. This, we are told, is why everyone needs to roll up their sleeves immediately so we can enter the “new normal.”

“We can’t just hope,” lamented Shonia Hall, the current director of school nutrition services for Oklahoma City Public Schools, to NBC News about the problem. “We have to be proactive. I can’t feed kids without utensils, right?”

How many children need to die before is stopped?

Since very little is coming from her usual suppliers, Hall is having to resort to buying some school necessities from local grocery and retail stores to help fill the void.

“It’s an additional cost to your budget, to your program,” she says, noting that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National School Lunch Program is helping a little by increasing reimbursement costs to districts like hers that are just trying to meet meal demands.

These “Seamless Summer Option” meal service waivers were recently extended to run through June 2022, giving schools a little bit of buffer time to try to wait things out and get up to speed.

“The waivers allow for schools to offer meals free of charge to students,” NBC News reported.

Biden, meanwhile, is promising to get Walmart, FedEx and UPS to up their efforts – as if they are somehow to blame – and get the supply chain moving again, even though it is ’s own “vaccine” mandates that are keeping that crimp on the funnel.

“Never again should our country and our economy be unable to make critical products we need because we don’t have access to materials to make that product,” stumbled through a teleprompter reading during a recent appearance.

Because of ’s fascist policies, it is taking upwards of double the amount of time to deliver some products from their Asian production origins to the United States. There is also a shortage of truck drivers and shipping port workers as many employees are quitting due to Biden’s jab fascism.

“Well, we’re struggling, you know, we can get food, but we’re having a lot of outages and shortages,” added Stephanie Dillard, the child nutrition director at Enterprise City Schools in Alabama, about how that area is suffering from supply chain woes as well.

“Every week everybody is holding their breath, not knowing whether we’re going to get a truck or not because we don’t know if there’s going to be truck drivers or there’s going to be employees in the distributors’ warehouses.”

In the end, thousands or even millions of children could go hungry, all thanks to Biden.

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