BEYOND HILARIOUS: Penn Jillette now believes in GENDER MAGIC, even though he spent his entire life attacking “pseudo-science” (opinion)

BEYOND HILARIOUS: Penn Jillette now believes in GENDER MAGIC, even though he spent his entire life attacking "pseudo-science" (opinion)
Image: BEYOND HILARIOUS: Penn Jillette now believes in GENDER MAGIC, even though he spent his entire life attacking “pseudo-science” (opinion)

(Natural News) (Op-Ed) One might recognize Penn Jillette as an American magician, who’s latest magic show involves him instantly changing his lifetime position of skepticism of “pseudo-science” into the belief that males and females are exactly the same, per his latest gender-bending science “act.” This is no longer the “Penn & Teller” show, but now the “Penn & Story Teller” show, where Penn Fraser Jillette jumps on the delusional bandwagon of gender fluidity, where people switch at will from being boys to girls, girls to boys, men to women, women to men, men to girls, and women to boys, at any given moment, as often as they choose, and for however long they decide.

This is not “pseudo-science” to Penn Jillette, who used to bash anything that wasn’t researched in laboratories rigorously, then peer-reviewed and published in medical journals. No, this is scientific fact, according to TV’s not-so-favorite magician.

Another case of science being overwritten by social “progress” for personal convenience

Suddenly the biggest skeptic of anything not proven by science is pushing transgenderism through his of liberal radicals. This is anti-science in so many ways. The liberal agenda implies we all must accept this gender fluid sex cult world as normal, even the rulers of society, who determine if perverts can get away with child molestation, child rape and child murder.

Human trafficking is reaching an all-time high, even in America, as thousands of illegal immigrant children and teens are just disappearing into our country. Schools are training children to think about sexual topics most of the day, including boys considering having their penis cut off so they can act like girls, or girls taking cancer-causing hormone medications so they can grow extra hair and have deeper voices.

Supporting everything “transgender” means promoting training kids to be gay, or else be labeled a “bigoted” racist/sexist/homophobe. Where are all the supporters of science now, who are proven wrong when claiming a man is a woman or girl just because he dresses up with makeup, a skirt and some painted fingernails?

Aren’t these fiction pushers now anti-science themselves? This sex- is the ultimate hypocrisy, as they push lies on everyone to suit their own perverted agenda.

Penn Jillette’s teenage daughter decided to change into a man, so now the “pseudo-science” basher suddenly leads the pseudo-science- of gender fluidity

Jillette’s daughter Moxie, using her father’s pseudoscience philosophy, decided she was “assigned the wrong sex at birth,” and this was the end of her father using the pronouns “her” and “she.” It really has not been too difficult for Penn to adjust to the pseudo-science philosophy that a male or female can change science and biology with their minds, being that Penn already believes in medicine, while calling every natural remedy quack medicine. Now it’s easy to see the hypocrisy.

The sheer magic of gender fluidity must be proven scientifically, or Penn Jillette must reject it, according to his own standards. Jillette went on CNN to decry it. He is all in for men taking showers in girl’s locker rooms, because it’s ‘science’.

Here is Jillette’s personal pledge to the world that he will BAN gender pronouns from everything he writes (and says, especially around his daughter the gender magician) from here out, while he blames lack of education for his difficulty with the pseudo-science of his daughter’s mental switch from female to male:

“I have tried to eliminate all gender pronouns from our show. That’s very difficult for me, because I’m uneducated. I have that autodidact, irritating quality of reading old grammar books. So it’s very difficult for me to use third-person plural as third-person singular, but I’ve done it. I used to say he or she a lot, but I learned the binary gender thing was impolite and inconsiderate.”

So much for science, big guy. Tune your internet dial to for updates on creepy men going into little girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and committing horrific acts, thanks to gender ‘neutrality’ rules of America.

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