BEWARE: University studies claiming coronavirus deaths won’t exceed 20,000 are tied to communist Chinese propaganda efforts to worsen the spread in America

BEWARE: University studies claiming coronavirus deaths won't exceed 20,000 are tied to communist Chinese propaganda efforts to worsen the spread in America
Image: BEWARE: University studies claiming coronavirus deaths won’t exceed 20,000 are tied to communist Chinese propaganda efforts to worsen the spread in America

(Natural News) We are now seeing nearly everyone across independent media declaring the coronavirus pandemic in the United States won’t exceed 20,000 deaths. They are all parroting straight up communist China propaganda that’s been spoon fed to communist-infiltrated universities which are faking the numbers to try to keep unprepared as the full force of the epidemic explodes across the country.

As the Washington Examiner previously reported, communist China has infiltrated over 100 US colleges and universities, and they’ve bribed researchers with various funding schemes in order to control their research. Even The Washington Post also reported on communist China’s domineering infiltration of US universities.

China’s strategic initiative right now it to keep unprepared for what’s coming by convincing people the coronavirus is no more harmful than the flu. In addition to bribing universities, China is almost certainly waving cash in front of independent media outlets, offering to pay them huge sums of money to downplay the coronavirus and pretend it’s “just the flu.”

See this critical interview with JR Nyquist to understand how China launched the coronavirus as merely the first phase in a global war to destroy America:

The WSJ is now pushing communist Chinese propaganda that claims the coronavirus hardly kills anyone

The communist propaganda effort is already starting to lull the American people to sleep, even as the Wuhan coronavirus is set to explode across dozens of US cities over the next 1-3 weeks. The WSJ is now reporting that researchers at Stanford are absurdly claiming the previously estimated case fatality for the coronavirus — 2-4% — is off by “orders of magnitude.” This means Stanford researchers are now telling the world the real death rate is, at most, 0.04%, which is less than half the fatality rate of the seasonal flu.

The WSJ article is touting the new propaganda number that’s also being seen in UK propaganda: 20,000. That’s the new estimate of the maximum deaths in the USA and the UK. To push the communist Chinese propaganda, WSJ writers Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya claim China told the truth about the number of deaths in Wuhan.

That’s exactly what a journalist influenced by Beijing’s communist propaganda would do, of course: Cite China’s obviously faked numbers as realistic, trustworthy data. From this horribly bad premise, they claim that China was telling the truth about the number of dead people in Wuhan but not about the number of infected people in Wuhan. They then claim the number of infected people must have been far higher than reported, and therefore the case fatality rate is lower.

Talk about insane. Leave it to the WSJ to selectively cherry pick which numbers out of China to believe, so that they can pretend the virus will only kill 20,000 in the USA.

WSJ stupidly claims that since some NBA players are infected, entire NBA cities have the same ratio of infected people

The WSJ didn’t stop there. In another example of truly bad, horrible math and deceptive reporting that’s obviously full-blown communist Chinese propaganda, WSJ authors claim that because a small number of NBA players tested positive, the NBA cities that host NBA players must therefore have 990,000 people already infected. (Huh?)

Such a leap of bad logic defies all reason and, frankly, makes these WSJ authors look foolish and stupid.

But they’re doubling down, somehow claiming that six million people were infected in the US by March 9th. From this, they claim a “mortality rate of 0.01%,” which is just 1 in 10,000 people. That’s also one-tenth the mortality rate of the seasonal flu.

If the coronavirus is no big deal, then why are so many hospitals being overrun with the dead and dying?

Nowhere in their obviously deceptive article do they explain why the hospitals of NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities are being overrun with dead bodies, or why three US states have begged FEMA for emergency mortuary assistance to transport dead bodies, or why President just called up one million reservists to deal with all the hospitalizations, deaths and social chaos. To these WSJ writers, they just pretend the hospitalizations and deaths aren’t happening.

By the way, the authors of the WSJ article — Dr. Bendavid and Dr. Bhattacharya — are professors of medicine at Stanford, one of the many universities accused of being influenced by communist Chinese money and pro-communism politics.

The deaths keep mounting… will the WSJ go “full conspiracy” and claim nobody died from the coronavirus?

The United States now stands at 112,560 confirmed infections and 1,878 deaths as of this writing. Yesterday alone, 406 people died from the coronavirus, and that daily fatalities number will continue to grow for some time yet to come, perhaps reaching 1,000 per day.

For this coronavirus epidemic to kill fewer than 20,000 people in the USA, as the WSJ writers from Stanford claim will happen, this entire pandemic would have to burn out in the next 2-3 weeks, then kill no one in after that.

Any claim that this pandemic will be over by mid-April is pure delusion. In fact, it has only just begun in America, which is why the “explosion” portion of the curve is only just beginning in dozens of US cities.

Take a look at the exploding trend in the rise of daily new deaths in the USA:

And here’s what the aggregate (total) deaths now looks like in America, as we approach 2,000 confirmed fatalities from coronavirus:

While Stanford professors can deny the accuracy of the numbers surrounding the number of people who are infected, they can’t deny all the dead bodies that are piling up across US cities.

Unless, of course, they want to go full “conspiracy theory” and claim nobody is dying from the coronavirus.

That theory is floating around, of course, with many pro-Trump, independent media outlets persistently claiming the coronavirus is a “hoax” or a “sham” or is no worse than the flu. But the WSJ goes even more insane, claiming the coronavirus fatality rate is lower than the regular flu, and therefore nobody needs to be under at all.

Pandemic denialism is pure Chinese propaganda

It’s all pure communist China propaganda. The goal of the communists is to keep the virus spreading across so that can be blamed for the largest number of cases while China fudged its own numbers — and possibly cremated millions of dead bodies to bury the truth — so that China can take the stage as the historical hero of the very problem that nation unleashed upon the world.

It it shameful and dangerous that indy media outlets in the USA are now openly parroting communist Chinese propaganda. Anyone claiming this pandemic is “no worse than the flu” should be understood to be on China’s payroll.

We are now actually hearing indy media outlets claim that doctors and nurses all around the world are conspiring together to fake all the deaths. This is beyond insane. It’s mentally ill.

Watch some of these videos to hear from the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines dealing with this dangerous biological weapon that clearly is far more dangerous and deadly than the flu.

Shame on those who claim all this is fake. You are inhuman. You are sick. Stop lying to the world about what is happening. The coronavirus will not stop at 20,000 deaths in the USA.

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