After abandoning objective science and endorsing left-wing political agendas, how is the Lancet still considered a medical journal?

After abandoning objective science and endorsing left-wing political agendas, how is the Lancet still considered a medical journal?
Image: After abandoning objective science and endorsing left-wing political agendas, how is the Lancet still considered a medical journal?

(Natural News) A once reputable science journal has quickly become a political, authoritarian tool. The Lancet is now propagating left-wing political agendas and attacking former President Donald Trump. The medical journal was founded in 1823; for years, the journal retained an objective approach to the scientific process, steering clear of  political agendas and industry-driven studies. In the 21st century, the once prestigious medical journal has rapidly devolved into a political weapon and was even involved in the scandalous suppression of viable treatments for covid-19.

The science journal published an editorial that claims Trump “provoked” violence at the Capitol on January 6th. The science journal blasted ’s “turbulent” legacy, claiming that the former president put the health of the world “at risk.”

The Lancet claims that Trump “consistently undermined the independence and effectiveness of US science institutions” by systematically weakening “the role of science in federal policy” and by placing “people in administrative position in science and health agencies” who are hostile to their missions. The editors claim that refused “to take the pandemic seriously” and balked at his lack of leadership. They assert that Trump’s government “exacerbated existing inequalities” and was too harsh on Black Lives Matter protests that stormed through American cities and pillaged property in the summer of 2020.

The Lancet abandons impartial, objective science, commits to ’s science agenda

After using their own science paper as an anti- diatribe, the Lancet editors quickly showed their allegiance to the administration and the incoming team of scientists and “public health experts” who threaten to suspend the civil liberties of Americans and subject the people of the United States and the world to ongoing medical experiments.

The Lancet declared the inauguration as ’s chance to restore its global standing. “President-elect ’s inauguration is a fundamental reset and refocus of priorities,” the editors insist, “giving a chance for renewal and revitalization of science and health agendas, and restoration of the global standing of the USA.” Priming readers for the “Great Reset,” the Lancet editors applauded the upcoming globalization and authoritarian requirements for a new economic world order.

The editors of the Lancet cheer on globalism and the Democrat’s absolute control over American life

The editors cheered on the Democrat majority in the House and Senate, and they praised Democrat control over every government institution as the best way to push forward “a much more aggressive and proactive agenda on health.” The UK-based publisher is looking forward to the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, as if it affects them, and are ready to see American police officers restrained, their operations de-funded, their tactics strictly controlled by centralized government. Most importantly, the Lancet editors are ready to see through ’s newfound commitment to Bill Gate’s World Health Organization and the global vaccine agenda. The editors are also excited to see the Administration rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, submitting the US energy infrastructure and the economy to strict world government controls.

This isn’t the Lancet’s first foray into pushing for left-wing agendas. In 2019, they attacked “toxic masculinity” that has suppressed lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) justice throughout history. They ran a five-part series that denounced conservatism for blocking gender equality and harming the LGBTQ community. It is now certain that the Lancet will continue to push authoritarian left-wing agendas, as they abandon real biology and pervert science to fit a particular agenda.

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